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Air Purifier Services in Salt Lake City, UT by One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning

The indoor air quality in a lot of homes leaves much to be desired. Microscopic particles are floating around in the average home’s air by the millions, including things like dust, dander, pollen, germs, mold, and dirt. If inhaled in large enough amounts, these things can have a substantially negative effect on a person’s health. Fortunately, there is a way to remove these contaminants. Air purifiers are capable of removing the contaminants from your air, helping you to breathe better and improving your quality of life. Call One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning today to set up an appointment.

One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning offers quality air purifiers and provides air purifier services throughout Salt Lake and Utah Counties. Call us today to schedule service.

What Is an Air Purifier?

An air purifier, or air cleaner, is a device that is designed to remove contaminants from your air, thereby improving your air quality. The methods that are used to accomplish this depend on the type of purifier. You can learn more about the different types of available purifiers below. Regardless of the type of air purifier, though, most are installed the same way.

In order to affect the air being circulated around the entire house, air purifiers are often installed inside the ducts of the home. By being installed at a central junction of the ducts, usually the return air vent for the HVAC system, the air purifier can treat all air that is being circulated.

Types of Air Purifiers

As previously mentioned, there are many different kinds of air purifiers. Some of the most common air purifiers are:

  • Ionization Purifiers: Ionization purifiers, also called electrostatic precipitators, are devices that generate an electrical field around themselves during operation. As particles pass through this field, they gain an electrostatic charge. These charged particles will then stick to collector plates in the purifier. The plates can then be removed and cleaned to get rid of the contaminants.
  • Activated Carbon: If you have trouble with gaseous pollutants, like tobacco smoke, then activated carbon may be a good idea. Activated carbon filters use porous carbon to absorb many kinds of gases that pass over it. The carbon is a derivative of charcoal, and is highly absorbent. However, activated carbon filters are ineffective at removing non–gaseous particles from the air. For this reason, they are often used to complement another system.
  • Thermodynamic Sterilizers: These are purifiers that use heat to kill off germs that pass through them. As air flows into the sterilizer, it is heated to several–hundred degrees Fahrenheit. This high temperature kills any germs that might be present in the air. Then, as the air passes through the sterilizer, it cools off.

In order to determine the best air purifier for your situation, you should give us a call.

What Are the Benefits of Air Cleaners?

Using an air purifier goes a long way towards improving your indoor air quality. Be removing or destroying many of the harmful contaminants in your air, air purifiers can improve your quality of life by clearing the air that you breathe.

If you’d like to know more, or set up an appointment for our air purifier service in Salt Lake City, UT, call One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning today.