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Gas Furnace Services in Salt Lake City, UT by One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning

What is the most common method to heat homes in the U.S. today? It’s the natural gas-powered furnace, and it has held this top spot for many decades—for some very good reasons. If your household is one of the millions across the country that uses a gas furnace for comfort in cold weather, or if you are looking to have one installed, make certain that you call on HVAC technicians with extensive experience to handle all the work.

You will find the professionals for the job in Salt Lake City, UT at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning. We work with many types of heating systems, and our experience with natural gas furnaces is extensive, covering everything from small repairs to full system replacement. We prioritize quality and on-time service, and you can depend on us for whatever you need when it comes to furnaces.

To schedule natural gas furnace services throughout Salt Lake and Utah Counties, call the team at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning.

Only Call Professionals When You Need Gas Furnace Repair or Maintenance

It is essential that you never attempt to repair a faulty gas furnace yourself as a DIY project, or allow non–licensed amateurs to do it. In the first place, it is likely illegal in your jurisdiction for anyone except a certified professional to perform work on an appliance connected to a gas main. In the second place, the health risks are simply too high. A poorly repaired gas furnace can cause carbon monoxide leaks, a gas that is both toxic and combustible. Finally, inferior repairs on a furnace (of any kind) will lead to inferior performance and inferior efficiency.

Save yourself time, money, and worry and always call for professionals when your gas furnace needs repairs or a routine maintenance inspection.

Considering Installing a Gas Furnace? Here Are Some of the Benefits

If you don’t currently have a gas furnace, but are considering one—for a new home, or to switch over from another type of heater—here are some advantages they offer that may sway your decision:

  • Energy efficiency – Natural gas is a less expensive energy source than electricity, and this makes gas furnaces relatively inexpensive to run compared to electrical resistance heaters. Natural gas also burns cleanly and thoroughly, giving these heaters high AFUE ratings.
  • Convenience – Utility companies pump natural gas right to your home. You won’t need to worry about missing delivery of heating fuel like propane or oil; your furnace will always be ready to go to work.
  • Heating power – There are very few residential heaters that have the pure heating power of gas furnaces. They can overcome the worst cold that Salt Lake City can experience, and even in homes with drafts and poor insulation they can get the job done.

We Provide Comprehensive Gas Furnace Services in Salt Lake City, UT

Although you may hear warnings about how gas furnaces are unsafe, this isn’t really true. A gas furnace that receives proper installation, repairs, and routine maintenance should offer your household no dangers. And the benefits you’ll receive from powerful heating and low bills are immense.

To schedule the gas furnace services that will take care of your heating needs, make sure to call on One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning in Salt Lake City, UT.