The Ductless AC Option: Why You May Want to Take It

Monday, April 16th, 2018

ductless-mini-splitWhat is ductless air conditioning? If you’ve lived most of your life in homes with central air conditioning, you’re accustomed to ACs that operate by sending cooled air through a series of ducts that connect to vents around the building. An air conditioner that works without ducts sounds like a window unit, and those aren’t exactly the best when it comes to cooling power. (They’re fine for a small apartment, but not for anything larger.)

But central ductless air conditioning does exist: the ductless mini split. The way a ductless AC works is that instead of using a single indoor unit that connects to ductwork, it uses a series of smaller indoor units. Rather than connect to ducts, these small air handlers with refrigerant coils are attached to the walls in rooms around the house, and connect through a hole in the back of the walls to the outdoor unit. Each air handler sends out cooled air directly into the living space where it’s installed. No need for ducts.

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