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Better Heating Ahead: Here’s the Secret.

furnace-repair-technicianWe know you don’t want to let go of the warm weather yet—but it’s already October, the change in the air has started, Halloween costume decisions are being made, and the colder weather will be arriving soon. It’s time to start thinking about your residential heating system.

You’re probably satisfied with your current furnace. If you’ve had it for less than 15 years and it hasn’t given you any serious problems recently, then you can plan to head into the winter with it once again warming up your house.

But we want to let you in on a secret … a way to enjoy better, more reliable heating with your furnace this winter, and the winters to come. Well, it’s actually not a secret exactly, but so many people forget about it that it sometimes seems like it is—and that’s regular professional heating maintenance.

I Need Maintenance Every Year for the Furnace?

Yes, you do. In fact, the warranty for your furnace may require you to have annual maintenance or else it voids the warranty. But there are many other practical reasons to keep up with maintenance each fall other than the warranty. Maintenance means better heating, more reliable heating, and peace of mind for you.

  • Fewer repairs: The most obvious way that annual maintenance gives you a better experience with your heater is that it stops 85% of repair problems. This is why maintenance is often called preventive You probably won’t have to deal with any heating interruptions or inconvenient repair calls when you have the system tuned-up before winter.
  • Less chance of a breakdown: Here’s the most catastrophic repair issue a furnace can run into—a full system breakdown. You don’t want to be kept up at night worrying your furnace will fail. Maintenance gives you the best reassurance it won’t.
  • Less expensive heating: This is a perfect example of better heating—heating that costs less! Keeping up with annual maintenance stops the furnace from becoming far more expensive to run than it should be. Fall tune-ups and inspections help a furnace retain 95% of its efficiency rating for most of its service life.
  • Safe operation: We saved the most important for last. You want your furnace to run without the risk of creating a safety hazard. During maintenance, technicians will give the furnace a close inspection to see where it may need repairs to keep it running safely for the season. This is the #1 priority when it comes to maintaining natural gas furnaces.

We offer excellent heating maintenance through our Comfort Club, which is one of the best residential heating services in Salt Lake City, UT. With membership, you’ll receive both furnace and air conditioning maintenance during the year. It’s a risk-free program and comes with other benefits. We also offer our Hero’s Club for veterans and people currently serving in the armed forces. Call for more information.

Set up your home for a comfy winter with heating maintenance. One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning: Always on Time … Or You Don’t Pay a Dime!

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