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Looking for a Commercial Thermostat?

thermostat-against-skyWe offer extensive HVAC services to homeowners, but we’re also experts with commercial heating and air conditioning. Many local businesses rely on us for their commercial HVAC in Provo, UT, and we come through for them the same way we do for our residential customers.

We know how tricky it can be maintaining the right temperature inside a commercial building in the temperature extremes we experience here—and often we’ve discovered that the reason a building just isn’t getting the right climate control is because the thermostats just aren’t up to the task. We offer service for the best commercial thermostats on the market, and we’ll match you up with the climate controls (as well as zone controls) necessary to have the indoor conditions you need around the year.

How We Find the Right Commercial Thermostats

No two business buildings are alike, and the variations are much larger than between homes. This makes selecting and installing the ideal thermostats for commercial HVAC system much trickier. Businesses usually have zoning for their HVAC systems so that different areas of the building can have separate climate controls. A storage room may not need the same amount of cooling in summer as a large office pool room.

When we’re installing commercial thermostats, we balance several factors to find out what to install and where. The building size is important, but we also consider the number of people (on average) inside it, the heat given off by appliances and equipment, the number of windows, and the insulation. We can then customize the thermostat installation to meet your exact needs.

Wireless and Smart Thermostats

One of the important considerations for thermostat installation is whether you want to have Wi-Fi and smart thermostats rather than standard programmable units. Wi-Fi and smart thermostats offer several excellent advantages, and they are especially useful with larger buildings that use zoning.

Wi-Fi thermostats connect to the internet so that a facility owner or manager can access them from almost anywhere. This not only allows the manager to more conveniently control the climate around the building, but also to monitor conditions with real-time data. Wi-Fi thermostats can set up complicated heating and cooling patterns over long periods of time, which is immensely helpful when it comes to handling large buildings with intricate climate needs.

The smart thermostat adds even more convenience to the Wi-Fi capabilities. Smart thermostats are automated: they have computer algorithms that learn from the patterns of settings to create new programs that maximize comfort and savings. The thermostats will make automatic adjustments based on conditions and provide reports on the savings. This is one of the best ways to start automating your building, eliminating extra work while cutting down on expenses.

Talk to Our Commercial HVAC Experts

Finding the best thermostats, or any other upgrades to your HVAC system, is simple when you call us. We back up all our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. That’s how confident we are in the services we provide.

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