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How Newer Furnaces Can Save You Money

money-saving-homeAre you experiencing issues with your furnace here at the start of winter? You may think you can get by with professional furnace repair in Salt Lake City, UT to keep the heating running. But if your home’s furnace is older than 15 years and it’s racking up higher heating bills than it once did, you might be in the “replacement zone.” We recommend you consider putting in a new furnace—possibly a high-efficiency furnace. A new furnace not only gives you more reliable heating, but it can also save you money. We’ll explain how.

Newer means less wear and tear

On the most basic level, getting a new furnace means you’re replacing a unit that has picked up wear and tear over the years and naturally lost some of its energy efficiency because of this. No matter how well you’ve maintained your furnace, if it’s been in service for more than a decade, it’s probably wasting energy at some level.

Better construction

Even if you choose not to invest in a special high-efficiency furnace unit, furnace manufacturing technology has improved over even the last ten years. Furnaces are simply more efficient than they were before, so replacing your current mid-efficiency unit with another mid-efficiency one will result in you spending less on heating.

Electronic ignition systems

The standing pilot light was once the way gas furnaces lit their burners—and the pilot light had to burn all season, consuming power. Almost all new furnaces use electronic igniters that don’t require an energy-sapping pilot light.

Sealed combustion

Now we’re getting into the technology of the high-efficiency unit, and this is where you can see some impressive energy savings. Sealed combustion furnaces have a sealed combustion chamber where the burners ignite and heat up the heat exchanger. Standard furnaces are atmosphere furnaces, which means their combustion chamber is open to the air in the house. Sealed combustion is not only more efficient (less heat lost), it helps prevent drying out the air in the home and is safer.

Multi-stage burners

The conventional furnace has gas burners that run at only one capacity, so they’re either on or they’re off. High-efficiency furnaces can modulate their burners to different stages so the furnace consumes less energy at times of lower demand. The furnace adjusts automatically. Multi-stage burners are helpful at preventing a home from becoming too stuffy.

Variable-speed fans

This is an advance similar to the multi-stage burner: the blower fan responsible for sending air through the furnace and then into the ductwork can drop to lower capacity. In fact, it will run at lower capacity on average 60% of the time. If you’re also installing a new AC at the same time, the furnace and AC can both take advantage of a variable-speed fan.

Although high-efficiency furnaces cost more to install than mid-efficiency ones, they can have AFUE ratings above 90%. The right high-efficiency unit in your home will pay back it’s installation costs in only a few years.

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