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The Gas Furnace vs. The Electric Furnace

Furnace-standardIf you need to install a new heating system, you definitely want to schedule it as soon as possible—the most serious winter cold is coming up, and if your current heater simply isn’t doing the job it should, arrange with our experts to have a new system installed.

But you may be wondering what kind of heater you want. Furnaces are the most popular type of heating system, but they can run from different types of energy. There are oil and propane furnaces, and some parts of the country have wood pellet-burning furnaces. However, most furnaces today either run from natural gas or electricity. If you’re thinking of using a furnace, you’ll be making a choice between an electric or natural gas model.

So which type is the right one for you?

Natural Gas Furnace: Pros and Cons

The gas furnace is the most popular type of heating system—not just type of furnace—across the country.

Pros: There are some good reasons why gas furnaces are so common! They offer many benefits. First, they provide a high amount of heating power. Few types of heating systems can produce as much heat as a gas furnace, which makes them great for homes with insulation issues. They also work fast, delivering heat to rooms quickly. Because natural gas is a less expensive energy source, a gas furnace can help save energy compared to other heaters.

Cons: Not all homeowners are comfortable using natural gas because of potential safety hazards. And not all homes even have connections to gas in the first place, which puts a gas furnace out of reach. Gas furnaces also cost more to purchase up front than electric furnaces and have shorter service lives.

Electric Furnace: Pros and Cons

Even with all the benefits a gas furnace provides, the electric furnace remains a competitive alternative.

Pros: An electric furnace is an option for all homes, since there’s no need to have a gas line connection. They are also good choices for people who don’t want to use natural gas because they have concerns about combustion and carbon monoxide hazards. Electric furnaces are small and less expensive to purchase than gas furnaces, and because they have fewer moving parts they often last for years longer.

Cons: Using electricity to heat a home can get quite expensive, especially compared to using natural gas. Although the lower installation price tag helps a bit, the gas furnace will cost more to run over its lifetime. Electric furnaces do not have the same heating power as gas furnaces, and they require a longer time to heat up and provide comfort to the rooms.

Make the choice with HVAC expert help!

You don’t have to worry about making the choice of a furnace on your own—let HVAC professionals weigh the different factors to help you make the best choice. For some of the best heating service in Salt Lake City, UT you can find, rely on our team!

When you’re looking for a new heating installation, call us! One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning: Always on Time … Or You Don’t Pay a Dime!

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