Your AC’s Air Filter—Some Important Facts About It

Monday, May 13th, 2019


Most of the components in your air conditioning system should only be handled by trained HVAC technicians. You don’t want to tamper with parts like the coils or motors on your own—DIY repair attempts often backfire, and they can also void the warranty.

However, there is one part of the HVAC cabinet and your air conditioner that you will need to deal with, and that’s the air filter. This is a vital part of keeping an air conditioner in good shape and ensuring it stays effective and energy efficient.

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Air Conditioner Efficiency: A Few Facts to Know!

Monday, April 29th, 2019

air-conditioner-money-saverWhat do you want the air conditioner in your house to do? That’s an easy question to answer—you want it to keep your house cool when it’s hot outside. But if your air conditioner drains a huge amount of energy doing that, much more than it should, it’s not doing its job the best way it can.

This is where efficiency comes in. An efficient air conditioner is one that maximizes how it converts electrical power into cooling power. You may have an AC that’s effective at giving you cooling but still be highly inefficient.

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Why Rooms Are Still Hot When the AC Is Running

Monday, April 15th, 2019

heat-waveThe modern central air conditioning system is designed to send cool air evenly around a house. If the ductwork in a house was properly installed and the right air conditioning system is hooked up to it, all the rooms in the house should enjoy similar levels of comfort.

It’s not always perfect, however. This summer, you may start to notice some rooms are warmer than you expect when the air conditioner is on. There are a few possible reasons for this uneven heating, and we’re going to look into a few of the more common ones. If the uneven heating persists and you can’t find a simple source for it, reach out to our AC repair experts. We offer 24-hour emergency service for your convenience.

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Join the Comfort Club for Your Spring AC Maintenance (And More!)

Monday, March 18th, 2019

air-conditioning-maintenance-technician-checks-mainfoldWe want you to have the best possible cooling in your house during the upcoming summer. The best way for us to help you to prep your central air conditioning system is with a visit from one of our technicians. All you have to do is join our Comfort Club and you’ll receive the regular air conditioning maintenance in Salt Lake City, UT you need each year. Plus, you’ll get a lot more, as we’ll get into below.

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This Is a Risky Time for Your Air Conditioner

Monday, September 17th, 2018

sunshine-iconThis post title sounds a bit melodramatic, as if your air conditioner is moving through a period of intense high stress when it could break down at any minute. But… that’s exactly what the end of the summer is! Late summer rarely means cooler temperatures—sometimes the hottest days of the year are in September—and the AC has done a huge amount of work already. The combination of Big Heat and Too Much Work can mean An Air Conditioner That Doesn’t Cool.

None of us here at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning want this to happen to you! We have the 24-hour residential AC repair in Salt Lake City, UT to rescue your AC as it goes through the tough late summer gauntlet. If you watch for the signs your AC is running into end-of-season problems, you can call us in time to avert a complete air conditioning system shutdown.

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Time to Ask Some Tough Questions About Your AC

Monday, September 3rd, 2018

old-air-conditioner-unitThe hot weather still has plans for us in Salt Lake City—even when the season officially clicks over to fall, we can expect our home cooling systems to continue to chug away providing relief from the blistering heat.

But this is still a good time of the year to stop and think about your home’s air conditioning system and its future. Maybe you don’t need to think about it as hard as your children’s future or your own career. The air conditioner, however, is a vital part of your home comfort and you spend hundreds of dollars a year operating it. It’s a significant investment, and you should know when the time has come to replace it with a new system.

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The Perils of August: How To Make Sure Your AC Holds Up

Monday, August 20th, 2018

flushed-man-and-fanIt’s incredibly common for homeowners to forget all the tips and tricks they read in a manual back when their AC was installed and to start running their system carelessly as the years go by. The seemingly benign daily errors can cause your AC harm. Here’s some easy tips to make sure your home stays cool:

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When Will My AC Run Out of Refrigerant?

Monday, August 6th, 2018

air-conditioning-manometer-pressure-refrigerantWe hope your AC never runs out of refrigerant—because it would be bad news for your air conditioner. You see, air conditioners are not supposed to run out of refrigerant unless there are leaks in the refrigerant lines. If your air conditioner doesn’t develop malfunctions, it should retain the same amount of refrigerant for as long as you own it—around 10 to 15 years.

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Some Cool Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning

Monday, July 9th, 2018

ductless-wall-unit-cool-airDuctless air conditioning systems aren’t a new technology: they’ve been popular in Europe and Japan for many years, where they fit well with smaller and older buildings. Until recently, ductless systems in the U.S. were mostly found in commercial buildings that had difficulty effectively spreading cooling to different spaces using standard ventilation networks. Now ductless is making a big impact in homes, and there are plenty of great reasons to consider installing one.

You can arrange for ductless AC services in Salt Lake City, UT with our experts. We’ll help you find out if ductless heating is a good choice for your next HVAC system installation.

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What’s That Noise From My Air Conditioner Mean?

Monday, June 25th, 2018

air-conditioner-unit-being-repairedStrange noises coming from any type of machine usually indicate that something has gone wrong with it. It’s the most basic way that appliances can send signals that it’s time for repairs, or perhaps a complete replacement. The AC in your house is no different, although you may feel tempted to ignore any odd air conditioning sounds as long as the system is still sending out the cool air you need from it.

But since you’ve arrived at this blog post, it means you know those sounds from the AC aren’t normal and you want to have something done about it. You’ve taken the right step already, since no matter how well the air conditioner appears to be working otherwise, any malfunction will eventually spell trouble and even a complete system breakdown.

We’ll go through what some of these sounds might mean—and we’re here to help with your AC repair in Salt Lake City, UT when you’re done.

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