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This Is a Risky Time for Your Air Conditioner

sunshine-iconThis post title sounds a bit melodramatic, as if your air conditioner is moving through a period of intense high stress when it could break down at any minute. But… that’s exactly what the end of the summer is! Late summer rarely means cooler temperatures—sometimes the hottest days of the year are in September—and the AC has done a huge amount of work already. The combination of Big Heat and Too Much Work can mean An Air Conditioner That Doesn’t Cool.

None of us here at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning want this to happen to you! We have the 24-hour residential AC repair in Salt Lake City, UT to rescue your AC as it goes through the tough late summer gauntlet. If you watch for the signs your AC is running into end-of-season problems, you can call us in time to avert a complete air conditioning system shutdown.

Uneven Cooling

One of the big flashing red warnings of an air conditioner in trouble is when it can’t distribute cool air evenly around the rooms. This problem can come from outside the AC: If you use a zone control system, one of the room thermostats may be malfunctioning. There might be air leaks in the ductwork, or you haven’t changed the air filter recently. But the uneven cooling may be happening because the AC is losing its cooling power, often because of strain on its components. A professional must investigate to find out what needs fixing.

Strange Sounds

An air conditioning system provides a pleasant white noise for the summer. You’re probably accustomed to the noise of the fans and the sound of the compressor turning on. When something interrupts this pleasing soundscape, such as a grinding or clanking noise, definitely call for technicians to discover what’s going on. Sounds like hissing can indicate leaking refrigerant, clicking may mean failing capacitors (often a problem in late summer heat), and mechanical grinding and shrieking sounds point toward motors on the verge of burning out.

Scary Utility Bills

Did your last monthly electrical bill look abnormally high? If you can’t account for why the electrical bill spiked like this, the trouble may be a malfunctioning air conditioner. Almost any extra strain on the AC will cause it to draw on more electrical power, causing a rise in the cost to run it. Let an HVAC technician do the detective work to find out the source of the problem.


What does short-cycling mean? No, it’s not a young child trying to ride a bicycle. It refers to a situation where the compressor of an AC turns on and off multiple times during an hour and never completes a full cooling cycle. The standard cooling cycle lasts around fifteen minutes. If you notice the compressor only staying on for five to ten minutes at a time, then turning back on a short time later, the AC is short-cycling. There are numerous reasons this might happen, and none of them are good news. Your local AC expert can help you out.

Act fast to save your AC in late summer. One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning: It’s On Time… Or You Don’t Pay a Dime!

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