How Air Conditioning Maintenance Pays for Itself

Monday, April 30th, 2018

service-marker-blueA few months ago, when the weather was still cold, we wrote a post about planning for warm weather with air conditioning maintenance. If you’ve delayed with arranging it, right now is the ideal time to pick up the phone and get on our schedule for your air conditioner’s annual tune-up and maintenance. The summer heat is much closer than you think, and you want a home cooling system that can handle whatever the weather throws at it.

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The Ductless AC Option: Why You May Want to Take It

Monday, April 16th, 2018

ductless-mini-splitWhat is ductless air conditioning? If you’ve lived most of your life in homes with central air conditioning, you’re accustomed to ACs that operate by sending cooled air through a series of ducts that connect to vents around the building. An air conditioner that works without ducts sounds like a window unit, and those aren’t exactly the best when it comes to cooling power. (They’re fine for a small apartment, but not for anything larger.)

But central ductless air conditioning does exist: the ductless mini split. The way a ductless AC works is that instead of using a single indoor unit that connects to ductwork, it uses a series of smaller indoor units. Rather than connect to ducts, these small air handlers with refrigerant coils are attached to the walls in rooms around the house, and connect through a hole in the back of the walls to the outdoor unit. Each air handler sends out cooled air directly into the living space where it’s installed. No need for ducts.

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Is It Time for a New AC System?

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

air-conditioning-system-outdoor-cabinetThere’s no such thing as “the last air conditioning system you’ll ever need to buy.” No air conditioner can last forever, and even the most effective and efficient model will one day start to decline from age to the point where it’s more economic to put in a new system.

Spring is a good time to ask yourself if your home’s air conditioner can make it through another summer. If you don’t think it will, or if the AC costs more to keep, then it’s best to have the new system in place before the serious heat arrives. We have some tips about air conditioning in Salt Lake City, UT that can help you know when your AC is ready to retire. Call us when you need an expert opinion: we’ll repair or replace the system—whatever is best for you.n We put customers first!

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