Common Gas Furnace Problems in Mid-Winter

Monday, January 22nd, 2018

technician-looks-over-gas-furnaceWe always put our customers first, so you can trust us to fix your home’s furnace if it runs into problems this winter. Fortunately, today’s furnaces are built to last and run into few malfunctions during their lifetimes. If you had your furnace professionally installed and make sure it always has its annual fall check-up and inspection appointment (a service we offer through our maintenance program), you can relax during winter. There’s little chance the furnace will have trouble.

But… trouble may still happen, no matter how well you plan ahead. Let’s look at a few of the common gas furnace faults that might interfere with your comfort this winter. It only takes a call to us to have the repair work you need for a gas furnace in Salt Lake City, UT.

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Is It Time to Install a New Furnace?

Monday, January 8th, 2018

gas-furance-flamesNobody wants to find out in the middle of the winter that their home heating system is struggling to get its job done. It’s much better to take a proactive approach to your home comfort and replace a system that can no longer deliver the warmth you need rather than let it linger on and abruptly fail a short time later.

If you’re wondering if your faltering furnace is still worth repairing, we can help. Below are some of the signs that it’s time to replace a furnace rather than repair it. However, please don’t make a final choice on your own. You’ll need our heating services in Salt Lake City, UT to help you make the best decision for both your long-term budget and your family’s comfort. We offer fast service, but we never skimp on quality!

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