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Heat Pumps in Salt Lake City, UT by One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning

One of the more popular options for both residential cooling and heating is the heat pump. A heat pump is a central comfort system that works in much the same fashion as an air conditioner: it circulates refrigerant between and indoor and outdoor unit, siphoning heat from one location and exhausting it in another. But where an air conditioner can only perform this job in one direction—cooling down a home by removing heat from its air—a heat pump can reverse the direction it moves heat so that it send heat into a home.

Professionally installed heat pumps can take care of a house during both summer and winter, and they offer a number of other benefits as well. But for one to work the way it should, it needs experts to service it. Call on One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning if you are interested in having a heat pump installed in your home, or if you are looking for technicians to repair and maintain the one you already have. Our HVAC professionals are skilled with taking care of home comfort needs in Salt Lake City, UT, and they make on-time service a #1 priority.

For quality heat pumps and comprehensive heat pump services throughout Salt Lake and Utah Counties, contact One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning.

The Benefits of Heat Pump Installation

The biggest advantage of a heat pump is that it combines heating and cooling into a single unit. There are some other benefits to consider as well:

  • Energy efficient heating – Because heat pumps do not burn fuel to create heat the way that a furnace or boiler does, instead using electricity to power components that move heat, they are extremely efficient in heating mode. Studies have shown that an average family can save up to 30% off their heating bills for a season by switching from a furnace to a heat pump.
  • Safety – If you have concerns about using natural gas in your home, a heat pump provides a safe alternative for heating. Not only do they generate no toxic or combustible emissions, their cabinets do not heat up during use and pose no danger of burning someone.
  • Effective cooling – Heat pumps do not suffer any loss of cooling power because they both heat and cool. They are as powerful at cooling as any air conditioner of comparable size.

We Offer Heat Pump Repair and Maintenance

Like any complex mechanism, a heat pump may suffer from malfunctions at some point and even stop working entirely. You can call on our technicians whenever anything goes wrong with your heat pump and they will take care of the repairs that will restore it to full working condition again.

We also offer regular maintenance to see that your heat pump is inspected and tuned–up each spring and fall. This way, your heat pump will always be prepared for any extreme weather conditions and continue to work at high energy efficiency.

Let Us Take Care of Your Heat Pump Needs in Salt Lake City, UT

A heat pump is only as good as the service it receives: this is true for installation, repairs, maintenance, and replacement. One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning wants you to get the best performance possible from your heat pump in Salt Lake City. Call us whenever you require heat pump services, and we’ll see you receive the quality work you deserve.

Heat Pump Services
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