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One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning Awards

With our professional and diligent effort in serving our community, we have been honored with the following awards:

Top Net Promoter Score Customer Service Award: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 We received the Top Net Promoter Score Customer Service Award. This award is given by our customers. Upon job completion our customers are sent by mail a survey to rate our performance, choosing from a scale of 0–100%. To qualify for this award the entire company must maintain a score of 70% or higher for the entire calendar year.

Factory Silver Dealer Award: 2014, 2015 and 2016 We received the Factory Silver Dealer Award. This award is a major accomplishment. It is only given to the top Coleman dealers who demonstrate good business practices. This is determined by analyzing the amount of warranty repairs completed on installed equipment, emphasizing that jobs are being installed correctly as per the manufacturer’s specifications.

Best of Orem: 2012 and 2013 We were recognized as Best of Orem. This award is earned based on a vote from a panel of judges whom they feel is the best heating and air conditioning company.

One Hour President’s Award: 2013 and 2017 Our franchise was presented with the President’s Award. This award is no easy task. It is earned by One Hour Franchises in the US and Canada who demonstrate that they know what it takes to grow their business. This is determined by 3 categories: Double digit growth, Double digit profit and an NPS score of 70% or higher. In 2017 we were one of only five out of hundreds of One Hour territories to win this most coveted award.

Fastest Growing Franchise: 2006 and 2012 We were awarded the Fastest Growing Franchise. This award is a major accomplishment considering the competition is between all One Hour franchises in the USA and Canada. This Award is earned based upon growth percentage and presented to the franchise with the highest percentage of growth.

Largest Coleman Dealer: 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 We were the Largest Coleman Dealer in Utah

Rising Star Award: 2006 and 2007 We received the Rising Star Award – Goodman/ Amana Corp. This award is presented to the fastest growing dealer in Utah.

Platinum Dealer: In 2006 we were awarded with the Platinum Dealer Award. This award is given based upon the amount of install jobs financed.

Johnstone Supply Letter of Authenticity

One Hour Corporate Letter of Authenticity

The Most Important of All of These: Of all of the awards received, the ones that mean the most is given to us by our customers. One of our technicians was at a customer’s home performing an annual furnace tune up. This technician had become acquainted with the couple over the years and unfortunately on this visit our technician learned that the customer’s wife had just passed away. As the technician was talking with the customer it was brought up that the technician’s son was recently diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a disease that attacks the muscles of the body. This disease will cause him to lose all strength requiring him to be confined to a wheelchair and eventually take his life in his twenties. As they were talking the customer had explained how hard it was seeing his wife go through the illness and how in her last few years she was confined to a custom wheelchair. The technician inquired how much it was to have the wheelchair made, as he was starting to save his money for when that time comes. He also inquired where he could find one for a good price. The customer paused for a few minutes to compose himself and took the technician into his backyard. He took off the cover of his dear wife’s wheelchair and explained that in all of the years of service that One Hour had provided him and the level of service we have provided his family was simply great. He talked about how personable the technician was and that he couldn’t think of a single person that he would rather give his sweetheart’s wheelchair to than the technician’s son. The technician thanked him but kindly told him he could not accept such a generous offer. After our technician left, the customer then loaded up the wheelchair and delivered it to us for the young boy to have.